Home Repairs to Make Before Listing Your Property

Selling homes this day is no longer a piece of cake. People are being more meticulous in choosing the house they buy. They want the best value for the money they will be spending. Aside from that, if you sell your homes today, there will be lots of competition. Considering there is an increase in home inventory brought about foreclosures and slowing down of the market, you will definitely have to do something to give your homes an advantage.One thing you can do is repairs before enlisting the property. This will help you boost your homes functionality making it more appealing to your buyers.A buyer can easily be turned-off with homes that seem to be problematic rather than working. This gets worse if the problems are visible. Therefore, it is important for homeowners to repair their homes before selling. This is the one of the best tools to push buyers in purchasing your homes.Here are some of the most important repairs to make:1. Carpeting- Fixing up carpets or deep cleansing them is recommended by 98 percent of the real estate agents. The typical cost of repair is about $500 to 800 dollars. Having done this repair will generate over a 154% percent return in investment, which amounts to $1,532 to $1,950.2. Flooring- repairing damaged flooring has been recommended by 94% of real estate agents. The cost of repair is around $600 to $800. If you do this, there can be a return of investment, which amounts to 1600 to 2000 dollars.3. Electrical and Plumbing- repair of this system typically cost between 400 to 600 dollars. However, it can give a 164% return on investment. 93% of real estate agents have recommended this fix-up.4. Walls- Painting the walls have been recommended of about 88% of real estate agents. The typical cost of fixing up a wall would cost between $600 to $900 dollars. It is expected that there will a 147 percent return on investment if this is included in your pre-sales strategy.5. Kitchen and bathrooms- The typical cost of repair is $1400 to $1800. Having this done will result into a [email protected] return on investment. 87% of the agents recommend this kind of home repair.These data were taken from the results of Home Gain survey. Over 2,000 agents coming from different parts of the country participated in this activity.Of course, the repairs you must do is not only limited to the top five recommendations of the real estate agents. You can still fix up your screen doors, straighten out a leaning mailbox, fix the roof and clear the gutters. You can do so many things to increase your home value and to speed up sale. What is important in here is that you are able to enlist your homes and give it features to which a buyer perceives as something valuable.Repairs are an added cost to selling the property. However, it has tremendous positive effects to selling. Moreover, this prevents delays in closing.

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